Peace, Love & Waterskiing


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I love skiing with a deep burning passion.  I have come to find out in the last few years that my love for this great sport goes beyond slashing turns and flying across the lake at insane speeds. I love thinking about it, talking about it and hanging out with other skiers. What really gets me fired up is getting to share my 21 years of ski experience and collected wisdom with other skiers and witness them benefit from it. Now that’s a rush!

I love teaching skiers of all ability levels. Giving someone their first pull or first buoy can be just as thrilling as coaching someone through their first 38 off.  My coaching style is to relate to the skier on a very personal level and address their needs on the water.   If you are passing through Virginia, come be a part of the Peace, Love & Waterskiing!

I can make myself available for several clinics throughout the summer.  My clinics are known for my relentless work ethic – stopping only to “bilge” and willingness to go from sunup to sundown.  I love going to new sites and clubs and meeting new skiers from all over. As I gain more experience, I have learned that a lot of learning can happen off of the water and I now enjoy giving some “classroom” style lessons during clinics, when desired.

Clinic rates: $1,000 (Full Day) or $500 (Half Day)
Other expenses may include travel, room and board.