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Standing on a Hill on the Mountain of Dreams; Telling Myself it’s not as Hard as it Seems

Damas y Caballeros,

After a long yet uneventful travel day yesterday, I woke up refreshed
and ready to greet this beautiful day.  I tried to take a picture with
my computer’s camera to share with all of you what I am looking at
while I type this newsletter.  Unfortunately, the macbook, in all of
its brilliance, is not able to capture the majesty of Shortline Lake
this morning.  I included the picture anyway, just for a rough idea…

Though this picture doesn’t do the scenery justice, it is only one
part of why I love coming out here to California anyway. Yes, skiing
on this lake is even more luscious than the picture would have you
imagine and the weather is off the charts wonderful.  I am sitting in
the shade right now under a clear blue sky with a temperature of about
77 degrees.  It is supposed to reach 99 degrees today but without the
humidity I am accustomed to, 99 feels great and makes the 80 (or so)
degree water feel perfect.  These conditions can get any skiers heart
pumping but as marvelous as they are, they wouldn’t be any fun if not
for great folks to share them with.  I have been beyond fortunate to
make some really close friends out here in California and if it
weren’t for them, I could care less about traveling across the country
to ski (albeit on one of the nicest sites in the country).

On that note, I would just like to thank a few of the kind folks who
made this trip possible for me.  Again, Mike and Corey Davis, my
dearest Acapulco Amigos sponsored my air travel across the country and
I literally couldn’t have gotten here without them.  Then the Goldman
family, who were co-guest coaches during my first trip to Acapulco,
has opened their home to me.  Without their hospitality, I would never
be able to stay out here for so long and get in such great practice
(yes, they are sharing their ski time with me too)! I’ll also be
crashing with my good buddies Tom and Amy Meecham during the latter
portion of this trip.  They convinced me to take a couple of vacation
days and actually relax in California and think of doing something
other than skiing – imagine that!  Then there was Brian Detrick who
picked me up at the airport and Will Bush who gave me a ski ride upon
arriving.  Will also suggested I use the BCC feature on these
emails… Hmm, why didn’t I think of that… DUH!  Oh, and let’s not
forget Mom getting up at 4:44am to take me to the airport – we are SO
not morning people.

Anyway, thank you everybody for making this trip possible.  I have
found that these trips to California are a truly special part of my
summer now.  Stepping out of day to day life and going completely
across the country creates the time and the context to reflect over
the summer days/weeks/months that whiz by at speeds far faster than
the mind (at least mine anyway) can deeply absorb.  I hope with Labor
Day Weekend kicking off at the close of business today that everyone
has a fun weekend planned. I hope plenty of relaxing and reflection
time find there way into the three-day holiday.  If I could be two
places at once, I would definitely wish to also be in Bumpass, making
sure everyone that wanted to had the chance to ski, instead of “labor
day shopping” – PUH-LEEEAAZE!

Well, I’d better stop “Zen-ing out” and go see if I can make myself
useful around here.  I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday
weekend.  Have your cake and eat it too;  Be with the ones you love
AND love the ones you’re with!

Tu Amigo,

P.S. The email address that everyone does see on this newsletter is
Paul’s.  Paul is off at Alabama (most likely skiing and trying to
figure out ways to stay in college permanently), feel free to send him
encouragement, words of wisdom or just bother him in general!

P.P.S. Those of you who know your classic rock, probably saw this one
coming given the subject line but this Newsletter’s song selection is
(of course) “Going to California” by Led Zeppelin.  I had many songs
floating through my head but this one seemed far too appropriate.

P.P.P.S. “The Adventures of Buoy Wonder” can now be found on as well, as youTube just so you’ll always
know how to pull it up if you need a laugh, a cry and a shake of the
head all in 7.5 minutes.  Look in the photo gallery.

P.P.P.P.S.  Slappy and Crappy are back in school, along with so many
of my other young ski friends.  School restarting is sort of the
ultimate reality that Summer is becoming Fall – oh so melancholy. Best
wishes to all of those taking on a new quarter/semester.  Use your
current fresh start to your advantage and stay on top of the game!

Buoy Wonder Hits the Big Screen (YouTube)

Slashers & Co.,

I have great news! After much anticipation, “The Adventures of Buoy
Wonder” has been released!  Now don’t everyone rush to youTube all at
once and cause the site to freeze.  The whole world will be wanting to
watch this blockbuster event and everyone must learn to take turns!
As hinted to in the trailer, Granddad has all of the best lines and
steals the show – (be sure to watch the end credits for some of the
best parts).  He is pretty pumped about his new career as a movie
star.  I don’t think he’s quite come down from his high yet because he
has been walking a little taller and better since seeing himself on
the silver screen.  Here’s the link  I hope you enjoy this

This past week in Bumpass was a great one.  We had an earthquake
(possibly caused by Carol Ann Keenan ripping the best set of her
season).  I was in the boat and nearly bailed over the side, as I
thought my new boat was blowing up!  As I prepared to jump out, I
froze in disbelief of the thought that my brand new boat could be
exploding.  Then I heard the large group of skiers on the dock making
commotion and somebody yelled earthquake.  After the rumbling
subsided, we went on skiing and it’s a good thing we did because I’m
pretty sure we had a record number of PB’s in this last week.  I
should have started writing a list as the PB’s started falling.  I
think the combination of the sweet water of Bumpass hitting the
perfect temperature and the incredible pull from the new Centurion
Carbon Pro, crossed with everybody being in the best ski shape of the
year is producing these killer results.  Well, these factors and the
fact that many of these skiers have been hard at work all summer to
improve their skills and technique.

If you would like to come for some great late summer/early fall
training, remember that time is running out (AHHHH THIS IS MAKING ME
SAD).  I’ll be open and available tomorrow and Tuesday this week and
then it’s off to California.  I’m planning on reopening on Friday the
16th of September and will be open for exactly one week.  I will take
a few Friday morning ski-buddies on Sept 23 and that will be the last
official day of operation here at the Bum Pass Water Ski Club.  WOW!
Reserve your time with me now for any of these remaining dates.

After meeting my aunt and uncle, Eleanor and Kevin, for an early
dinner and to hook Granddad up with his ride home, I returned to the
farm.  Sparta (my wonder-dog) was waiting for me down at the dock so
we did some fishing and I took in the beauty of the lake and the
entirety of the scenery.  When I’m flying up and down the lake skiing
or coaching, it is not convenient to allow the beauty of this place
take my breath away but while fishing tonight, it was unavoidable!  As
I reflected on the fact that summer is winding down, I remembered to
be thankful for the many great people that I got to have in my life
this summer and share these amazing surroundings with.  Some people I
met for a short time and others whom I already knew, I came to know
better.  I am reminded that water skiing is truly a one of a kind
sport and a unique privilege, especially when done at a place like
this,  I’m going to aim to keep this perspective through all of my
upcoming ski time, whenever and wherever it may be.  I’ve driven
myself hard this summer, chased a lot of buoys and enjoyed the
challenge.  However, we must all remember how fortunate we are to even
have the chance to engage in the world’s coolest sport (even when the
buoys aren’t coming as we would hope).  Life is good. Water skiing is
great.  Thus, the ski-life must be the best!  Let’s go live it and
love it.

P to the L to the W,

Corey Vaughn

P.S. I have another video recommendation. Check out The Sac Town Gold
Rush video on  Thanks to Colin Gibbs for doing a
killer job with the filming and editing!

P.P.S. I want to name so many songs as this week’s pick but I’m going
to settle on “Throwing Stones” by The Grateful Dead.  This is my
favorite Dead song and The Dead is one of my favorite bands.  Talk
about a song that has “IT” – this one can give me goosebumps on

P.P.P.S.  I think Taylor and Maddie Miller have been swallowed by a
whale (like Gippetto).