Peace, Love & Waterskiing

The End Is Nearing :~(

Summer Lovers,


I can’t believe it is here. This is the last week of August. The yearly cycle that has been firmly conditioned into my mind from 18 years of school scheduling tells me that the end is near.  This is both true and false.  There are plenty of great ski days left in Virginia.  Their finite nature, however, is becoming more evident and the summer’s vibe is definitely changing at this point.  Paul has (as of yesterday) moved into the University of Alabama, Ellie Whitlock is spending more time on the tennis court than the lake and I am trying to rebuild my fitness after the long and hectic mid-summer push.  Though time is limited, this late summer/early fall time period has always been my favorite time of the year to ski.  The pressure of all of the big tournaments ahead is off and it is the time to just go out and enjoy skiing, work on improving and try new stuff.


Now that nationals are over, it is a NEW season.  I’ve been pleased that in this new season, I’ve already met some new skiers and it looks like I’ll be meeting several more new skiers this week!  I’ve also had some old friends make their first ever trip to Bumpass to check the scene out.  It is definitely a great time to come for a visit.  As well as the new people, I have a bunch of other new stuff for anybody and everybody to check out.  I’ve got the best ropes and handles in skiing from US Gear for demo.  I’ve got a 65” and 66” D3 X7 ready for somebody to jump on them.  As always, I’ve got fresh ideas about how to take YOUR skills to the next level.  Possibly, most excitingly,  I’ve got the first 2012 Centurion Carbon Pro ready to pull you and blow your mind!


Paralleling my desire to get everybody on the water to enjoy the best skiing in the world is my desire to enjoy time with some of my great friends.  Of course, I won’t be returning to school this year but I have booked my ticket to Acapulco and will be leaving the country on November 2.   With 6.5 months non-stop skiing beginning on that date, I have decided to dedicate the month of October to all other things in life.  Mainly, I am hoping to spend a lot of time with my family and closest friends. My mom and her fiancé Mike will be getting married on October 15. I am honored to be “the Maid of Honor” (yes, my family doesn’t always play by the rules).  I am also planning a trip to visit my infant Godson, Brady Thomas Drake in Florida.  Aside from these two major events, I’m hoping to reconnect with many other things that I have shifted onto the back burner during the last 2 years, as I’ve been on this massive ski binge.  So PLEASE come be a part of the binge and let’s ski it up together as much as possible this week and the week I return from my 2 week trip to California.  I’ll be gone from September 1-14, leaving THIS WEEK and just over a week in late September to come ski in Bumpass AND THAT’S IT!  Don’t delay, if you want to get a set or two with me in Bumpass before the season ends, contact me NOW and let’s set that up!


After a great, but much too short, weekend at Lake Gaston, with my family, only Granddad and I remain.  We decided to stay tonight at the place where we shared every summer of my life from 1985-2007.  We love this spot where we have shared so many good times and where my passion for water skiing was born and grew.  We will leave here early tomorrow morning for Bumpass.  Granddad will be staying with me for the week at the place where my passion for skiing found new roots and continued to thrive.  We are planning on a great week and we hope to see you there!



Peace, Love & Waterskiing,




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