Peace, Love & Waterskiing

Tsunami Dude!

Ski Bums, Babes and Bros,

When I heard the news that Japan had a devastating earthquake, my
heart skipped a beat for the affected residents.  It was the 7th
largest earthquake ever recorded and has continued to produce over 100
tremors registering over 5.0 on the Richter Scale.

When I heard that it produced a Tsunami that was heading across the
Pacific and toward me in Acapulco I thought that the skiing may be
ruined for the day (which it was as a safety precaution) but it may be
a good day for my newfound hobby: surfing.  Then I remembered that I’m
not very good at surfing yet.  From the safety of Gordon’s Villa at
over 1,000 feet, I thought this break from routine would make an
excellent opportunity to check in with my ski friends far and wide.

Since my last newsletter, I got my sights set and hopes up for going
to the 52nd Masters Tournament this May.  Earlier this week, I learned
that the qualifications/invitations don’t work the way I hoped the did
and I won’t be going to the Masters this year.  On the bright side,
this means that the Bumpass Ski Club will be rockin’ in full force
over Memorial Day weekend!  It also means that I will recommit to
experimenting with ski set ups, fins, bindings and drills rather than
measuring my practice by how many buoys I run.  I also have a head to
head against Andy Mapple scheduled in April, which I am totally pumped

I’ve enjoyed seeing a group of familiar faces this week in Acapulco,
as the Whitlock family came for a week of R,R&S (Rest, Relaxation and
Skiing).  Ellie, Charlie and Johnny shredded the Lagoon this week and
their form looked as good as ever and were able to progress in this
short week.  Seeing young skiers take extended breaks and then come
back full force always makes me jealous.  I’ve been working out hard
and racking my brain for ways to improve since November yet they can
equal my improvement in one week on spring break.  NO FAIR!  The
Whitlock crew’s presence has also made me think ahead to the summer
skiing and all the great times and skiing to come on their lake in

As these friends leave, a new familiar face will be leaving with them.
Michael Friedman is a 71 year young skier and retired lawyer from San
Francisco.  Michael is also a TALKER.  I’ve met some chatty folks in
my day but this guy is NON-STOP.  When Gordon told me he would be
staying for two weeks, I wondered how I was going to keep my patience
in check.  When I found out that he would be staying for multiple more
weeks I began to question how much I really like my job… (Just so
everyone knows, Michael is sitting next to me right now and I have
told him that I am raging on him – as usual).  And what I’m getting to
is that over these last five weeks, despite hearing the same stories
and jokes over and over, I have grown to truly like and admire
“Miguelito.” Michael is one of the most interesting and kind hearted
people I have ever come across (despite the constant monologuing).  I
am proud to say I have made a great new friend these last few weeks
and I will be sorry to see Michael leave tomorrow.  Fortunately he is
coming back in three weeks for another three weeks!

Now for those of you who have read through all of that, I have a REAL
TREAT!  The Trailer/Teaser for “The Adventures of Buoy Wonder” (the
movie I am starring in with Marcus Brown) is OUT.  Thanks to Joel
VanRysselberghe for his editing talents, the trailer is great.  The
trailer can be found on my website in the
“Photo Gallery.”  Be sure to check it out and feel free to leave a
comment. I’m working toward making my site more interactive.  I’ve
also added my article on “Water Skiing vs. Lame Olympic Sports” which
you can find under the “Recent News” section on any page.  Also in
this section there is a Poll called “What will be the Most Popular Ski
of 2011” that you can vote on, if you would like.  In this section you
will also find this newsletter and the other most recent newsletters.
Every newsletter since July can be found at the bottom of each page in
the “Monthly Archives.” Whatever you do, check out the video, it’s
going to be a YouTube sensation!

We haven’t seen the Tsunami roll in yet but it has been nice to enjoy
a quiet afternoon with all of you skiers of the world.  I hope
everybody has a great weekend.



P.S. Taylor and Maddie and Heather Miller are down in South Florida
ripping up the waters at Okeeheelee and the Palm Beach Training
Center.  Tay and Mad fall into the same category of young slashers who
haven’t practiced since October yet can pick right up where they left
off!  NO FREAKIN’ FAIR!  It’s also no fair that I haven’t seen them
since X-Mas time and I miss you guys!!!!


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