Peace, Love & Waterskiing

Damas y Caballeros Quienes Esquian en el Agua‏

Skiers Far and Wide, Andy Mapple has come and gone. It was a true pleasure getting to meetand ski with him last week. For someone who has won world championships and all kinds of international competitions and beenconsidered, hands down the best athlete at his sport, Andy Mapple is an incredibly humble man. I guess he lets his skiing speak for himand at age 48, he still gets it done on the water. I watched him run 39 and pulled him through 39 off (at 34mph). He had to warm up since he hadn’t skied since early September. He didn’t miss a buoy until the fourth day when he put the rope on 39 off at 36 mph for the firsttime and at that he made it to 4 ball. He has a one of a kind style.  He skies aggressively, attacking the course and displays incredible strength. He attributes his current ski strength to his new passion,cycling. Yes, Andy has already managed to capture some cycling titles too. The man is just a winner. He says that he uses his legs and core strength now more than ever because those are the muscles he’s developed from cycling. Watching him, especially through the wakes,made me realize how much we could all use the large body of muscle that is our legs more. I have been getting into my knees more and using my legs and it has been producing good results.

Andy was very kind taking the time to work with me.  He gave me some great ski tips as well as some really good training and tournament strategy tips. I wrote down almost every word he said about skiing.  He also let me try the O’Brien Elite. It is a really well made ski and super fast. It get’s off of the ball in a hurry and is pretty stable for all of its speed. I was able to run 39 off on it but ended up sticking with my HO, which just felt like home.

Now another group of fired up guests are here and keeping me busy. I had an easy week last week with everybody wanting to get 1 on 1 timewith Andy.  Now, I’m back to long hours in the boat and I’m reallyenjoying being back “down in the trenches.”

 It is 9pm in Acapulco, which means its nearing my bedtime. Yes, I’ve changed lifestyles a little bit. I’ll need to be up at 6am and full of energy for another great day of skiing. If it is starting to get a little too cold where you are and you think you would like to rip some sets in a tropical setting, as well as eat the best food in the worldand relax, let me know and I’ll connect you with Gordon. You can also check out Gordon’s website I have no complaints with life here in paradise but I do miss all of you, my ski friends from back home and all over.

 I hope everyone’s off-season is going well. Think warm thoughts!

 Ciao, Corey


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