Peace, Love & Waterskiing

Eastern Region Waterskiing Rocks!

July 29, 2010
Greetings friends and skiers,

Tonight (actually this morning) I come to you from Rochester, NY. I
was on the scene at Hidden Pass today, the home of the 2010 Eastern
Regional Championships and it looks and skis awesome. Everyone that
was at regionals last year was excited to hear that the tournament
would be returning to this great site again this year and the practice
today was spectacular. Each site has its own character and there is
something about this place that just feels great! In casual
conversation today, I friend of mind said "this site is a slalom
skier's dream" and I could not agree more. Tomorrow the tournament
kicks off with the junior skiers and it is going to be a great day of
competition. The best skiers from Virginia up through Maine and out
as far as Ohio have all gathered to compete at this beautiful site.
It is great to see all of the junior competitors gearing up for this
big show down and also reconnecting with friends that they only get to
catch up with once or twice per year. I remember being in those shoes
and can reconnect to all of the excitement of regionals. Our friends
at the Holiday Inn Express are taking care of us once again and there
will be a pool party every night that we are here! After the
competition is over tomorrow, all of the juniors will be treated to an
evening at a local water park here in Rochester, NY. I can't tell you
how great this experience is for all of the skiers involved, kids and
adults alike. The excitement in the air is tangible and I will be
sure to report on any and all exciting outcomes from this tournament.
I apologize for the delay on this newsletter. Between running ski
school, watching Napoleon Dynamite with my favorite people in the
world and traveling, I find myself once again a weary traveler
documenting the good news of the waterski world. It is 1am and I hope
to keep this newsletter fairly short but have, once again, had a great
week and have a wealth of good news to report.
The last week was full of great skiing in Virginia - so much so that I
don't think I ate dinner before 9:30 one single night. Paul O'Hara
was once again helping me run ski school and after a 10 hour shift in
the boat on Sunday ran a major PB of 2@39 off. He ran his first 38
off ever up the rope and then 1.5 at 39 - the exact qualification to
become a pro skier. He'll be looking to do that this weekend in the
tournament and in doing join me as a professional water skier.
Another good friend, Jack Heagan, also ran a PB this weekend at 34mph
and will soon be looking to shorten the line into 22 off.
I also coached a clinic at Lake Holly for the Juniors preparing for
the regional tournament. Michael Collier and Bryce Shirley had stand
out performances and will be looking carry their momentum into the
tournament this week. Wim DeCree's coaching also helped a lot of
skiers this past week, including my own. I ran 3 passes at 39 of one
day with Wim's coaching and feel ready to finally run this pass in a
tournament this weekend. A big thank you to Wim and to Lake Holly for
these great opportunities!
In other news, my T-Shirts have been a big hit! I have them here at
the tournament with me and hope to sell enough to reorder another
batch! Again, if you wanted a T-Shirt before I got them, please send
me your size and address and I'll ship one to you. Also, a very good
friend of mine, Laurie Lindsey, has created a website for me.
Everyone should check out to become more
acquainted with my coaching and operation in Bumpass. The website is
still in its infancy and will continue to grow with pictures, videos
and new pages. Also, if you like the design, contact Laurie for help
developing a website for yourself or your business needs, she is very
talented and great at what she does. Her email address is Right now this website is a simple guide to myself
and my ski school but in time I hope for it to become a great resource
for ski information like
and I'm sure many of you browse these sites for the
latest news in the waterski world and I hope to join them in keeping
our great community informed. I recently read a great article on boat
driving on and encourage any good ski partner to check
this article out for themselves.
As for me, I'm going to turn in so I can be ready to fully support all
of the kids ripping up the water tomorrow. It is going to be a great
day and I can't wait to be a part of it. I wish all of the
competitors in this tournament a fun and safe week. For many of us,
this is our big vacation for the summer. Thank you to Hidden Pass for
the use of their great site and thank you to all of the officials and
volunteers for making this tournament possible. Without you unnamed
helpers none of this excitement would be possible.
MUCH peace,love &waterskiing,

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