Peace, Love & Waterskiing

This Week in Review

Ladies, Gents, Boys and Girls, It has been yet another fabulous week of water skiing. So much great skiing is happening in so little time. I feel like when I startedthese newsletters there were a few noteworthy ski stories each week and I was able to recount each in generous detail. Now summer is infull swing and I feel like I can barely keep up with all of the heartpounding moments I get to witness every day. I will do my best torecount the highlights. Please forgive and remind me if I gloss oversomething. I want this great (yet small) community of newsletterreaders to get all of the good stuff. I really appreciate you guysnot sending me back hate mail about clogging your inbox. In fact,many of you have commented that you enjoy these updates and that I should keep them coming. In a world where we are all to often exposedto nothing but bad news via our primary news media, I am proud toreport GOOD NEWS! Speaking of good news, Virginia had two of the best tournaments it hashad in years THIS WEEK. Loch Cochrane created a hit with their “MidSummer Night’s Buoy Bash”. I must say it was one of the coolesttournaments I’ve been too. Dave Satterfield and Paul Santangelo havebeen working on creating the world’s best glow in the dark slalombuoy. I think they succeeded and then allowed about 15 or more skiersto enjoy their hard work. There were two rounds before dark and thenone round in the pitch black. During the evening rounds, 4 skiers posted tournament PBs! It just sohappens that these 4 skiers happen to be my 4 most common students.Heather Miller started the PB trend by ripping 4.5 @ 28 off. PaulO’Hara was dialing in his skiing all week and went out and ran aperfect 35 off and then 2.5 @ 38. He blew away the previous staterecord, held by some bum and then just to prove that it was no fluke,he went out in the second round and beat his own state record byrunning 3@38 off. Taylor Miller, who had tied her practice PB earlierthat day in Bumpass, went out and ran 32 off for the first time in atournament and then posted a solid 1@35. Like the rest of us slalomfreaks, Taylor is always looking for that next buoy and found it todayin practice, setting a new practice PB of 3@35 off. Finally, MaddieMiller blew away her prior tournament PB by 5 buoys by running 3@28off in her evening round at Cochrane (after running a practice PB of4.5 @ 28 off earlier that day). Maddie is currently ranked #1 in theeastern region and her skiing is still taking off daily. Then in the night round, I’m pretty sure every skier had a “fun PB”.We all attached glow sticks to our bodies, skis, and handles and had aball ripping up the extremely bright “Satterfield Buoys”. AdamSanders was the only skier to successfully run 35 off. Also, EllieWhitlock stroked 32 off as if it were 1pm. Then this past weekend was the VA State Championships. I was elatedto see the tournout for this tournament. The tournament was tworounds of all three events and it was FULL! It reminded me of thestate champs I used to attend in the mid to late 1990s. If we cankeep seeing this sort of enthusiasm, I will be certain that 3 eventskiing is making a serious come back! Timberlake Ski Club did anamazing job preparing for and hosting such a successful tournament.Without listing names, I would personally like to thank all of theofficials and club members who made this tournament possible. I’msure you were all dog-tired today but perhaps the excitement of such agreat weekend will provide the incentive to hold another tournamentlike this next year. Three P,L&W regular students set PBs thistournament in slalom. Michele Munsch posted a stellar 3@32 off,Jeanie Savas got 4@34mph and Eric Hardin ran 3.5@32 off.Congratulations guys! Also, tournament director, Kevin Driggers shedthe stress of running this tournament by ripping 5.5@28 off – atournament PB. His son, Chirs Driggers set a Jump PB of 162 feet. Itwas the farthest jump of the whole tournament and really something tosee! Benny Lohr was back in town for the weekend and pleased thecrowd, as always, by tricking over 8,000 points. More than anything,it was just great to see so many people on the banks having a greattime. Thank you again Timberlake for a wonderful tournament! In other news, my T-Shirts will print tomorrow. They are printing inRichmond, which means I may not be able to pick them up until later inthe week but I’ve seen what they will look like and I’m very pleased(though they are quite late). They will be $17 or $15 with cash. Ifyou are out of state and would like me to mail you one, please emailme your address. Also, I still have some openings this week and this Sunday. This isthe only weekend I will be giving lessons for quite a while and hopeto have a lot of excited skiers come out! I may have a slot or twofor Saturday as well but I know Sunday is still fairly open. Pleaseremember that Wim DeCree will be in Bumpass this Thursday and Fridayas well for the reduced rate of $55 per set. I decided not to write this newsletter last night because I was soexhausted and was tired of lamenting to all of you about how worn outI am in every newsletter. However, maybe that’s just the way thingsare going to be for a while because I’m pooped! Perhaps I need alifestyle change… NOT! If I were having any more fun I wouldexplode. Come out and have some fun with me in Bumpass soon. Merry skiing to all and to all a goodnight (and a great week!). your friend,CHUM


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