Peace, Love & Waterskiing

Keep on Skiin’ in the Free World

Ski Partners,

I hope everyone had a marvelous 4th of July holiday weekend! I love
this great nation and the great ideals it was founded upon. I also
love the abundant natural resources – particularly the abundant 17
acre ski lakes!

The 4th of July always involves a big family get together at Lake
Gaston for me. It is a great tradition and always a total blast.
This year it was especially exciting. My whole family and a few
friends, totaling 30+ came for “Al-A-Palooza”. It was a celebration
for my granddad, who turned 80 this year and is just a wonderful
person deserving of celebration. In addition to honoring granddad, my
mom proposed to her partner, Mike on the 4th of July during a family
charades game. We were all in on it and it was perfect.
Congratulations Min! That’s like even bigger than a PB!

Around here, the PB’s have continued to stack up. Just yesterday,
Ellie Whitlock ran 35 off for the first time ever and then came back
today and ran it straight off the dock! GO GIRL! Right before taking
off for the weekend, Paul O’Hara ran a new PB of 4.5 @ 38 off,
smashing his prior PB of 3. He was actually in the pass and will run
it very soon. The skiing Miller girls had an impressive week on the
water. Maddie “did work” and ran her first 22 off and got 1 @ 28!
Taylor put in some good work on her onside turn, which paid off as she
ran the second (and smoothest) 32 off and ran 1 @ 35! And Heather
FINALLY ran 28 off – the first time since rupturing her achilles. To
prove it wasn’t a fluke, she ran it twice more today. Soon it will be
a regular part of the repertoire! Eric Hardin jumped off of his
Connelly Prophesy and onto an HO A1 and ran 32off for his first time
and got to try the true blue. Ross Hardin (aka Rebel Ross or Rebel
Roos or Beavis) ran 28off for the first time and got to try the mean
green! I’m glad everybody skiing so strong right in the heart of the
season but it is a lot to remember. I hope I gave everyone a PB shout
out and didn’t miss any. If I did, sternly remind me and you will
receive your due recognition. If you haven’t had a PB for quite some
time, I suggest coming to slash up the water here. It is in the 90s
and skiing like a dream.

Next Monday and Tuesday, I won’t be giving lessons at the farm, as I
am coaching at the Jr. Development clinic in Sparta, VA. Therefore,
if you would like to get some time on the water in Bumpass next week,
let me know in advance as the week is filling up fast! Also, please
remember that there will be a special event the Bum Pass Water Ski
Club on July 22 and 23rd. Wim DeCree 10x Belgian national champion,
pro skier and assistant coach at Chet Raley’s Ski School. Will be
coaching here at the Bum Pass Ski Club. Set’s with Wim will be $70.
If you are interested, please contact me. Also, many people have been
asking when I will be available on a weekend again. My next open
weekend is July 24-25. July 24 is already filling up so look ahead on
your calendar if you are a weekend warrior!

Well friends, I have had a string of long long days and nothing but
long days on the horizon. They will be filled with skiing though! I
better go rest up and get ready, this hot VA son is something else!



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