Peace, Love & Waterskiing

Is it July 13th Already?!

Ski Brothers and Sisters,

This summer is just flying by. It always seems to go that way but this summer in particular. I suppose having fun and being very busy are the two things that make time fly by most and I have been experiencing both of these to the fullest! Thank you to those of you who have been keeping me busy and having a great time out here in
Bumpass. I came into the summer hoping to be very busy and I have gotten my wish! There is so much great skiing left to do this summer and I plan to soak up ever great moment of it because I know it is going to continue whizzing by. Hopefully we’ll have another lovely fall in Central Virginia and keep the skiing going on out here through
October. If some of this heat stays around we’ll be in good shape!

So once again, I have been a ramblin’ man and am writing to you all completely exhausted. This past weekend, my granddad, Heather Miller and I traveled to Twin Lakes in NY for a 3 round record slalom
tournament. It was great tournament (again). The people at Twin Lakes are so friendly and the driving was stellar, once again. Heather and I both put up one respectable score. She ran 1@28 off and I put up 4@39.5. Granddad was certainly a better fan than we were skiers but we all had a really nice time. Thank you Twin Lakes!

After considerable Sunday traffic on I-95 it was time to kick off another fantastic VA Jr. Development Clinic. It was an exciting and extremely exhausting two days of skiing! There were PB’s a plenty. Maddie Miller got 2@28. Michael Collier used pure power of will to run his first 22 off and taste one ball at 28. Sarah Keenan crushed her 30mph pass just before a thunder shower and is on pace to beat her Dad’s PB very soon! Look out John! Sean Hennigan also set a new PB and is looking forward to me throwing him in the lake (a twisted reward I dole out for new PBs). Also, there were some notable PB’s last week among some of VA’s lady skiers. Carol Ann Keenan “unleashed the
beast” and ran 22 off and through reluctant to even attempt 28off, ran a solid 1. Jeanie Savas ran the 34-15 off pass that seemed to be somehow alluding her for a while. Now that she has run it once, look
for her to start knocking it down all the time. Sandy O’Hara also conquered the mighty 34-15off pass and ran an impressive 3@22 off!

With all of these PBs and not everyone as excited about being thrown in the water as Master Hennigan, I have created a secondary ritual. Anyone who skis a PB here with me in Bumpass will receive either a “Peace, Love & Waterskiing” bumper sticker or button. If you are like me and don’t run PB’s too often, these items will also be on sale for
$3 a piece or $5 for the two items together. I know I have promised a number of you bumper stickers after I ran out. If you are one of the people who I promised one to or if you would like to buy any of these sweet accessories, send me your address and I’ll start getting them out to you as soon as I get some bumper sticker-sized envelopes.

In other fun news, I have T-Shirts in the process of being made. I may be biased but I think the design came out really sweeeeeeeeet! I am hoping I can get my hands on these shirts by the VA States this
weekend. They will be $15 cash or $17 by check. I think I ordered about 70 and don’t know if they will go fast or not.

I’d also like to remind everybody that we have two of the nicest ski boats ever made over here and both will be looking for new homes! If you buy or broker the deal on one of these boats, the 10 free sets
offer still stands firm! I just serviced and polished to 2008 boat and they are both looking beautiful! If you are in the boat market, it is nice to be able to come and check out a boat, see it run, feel it from behind and from the wheel.

Also, please remember that Wim DeCree is coming for two days to Peace, Love & Waterskiing on July 22 and 23. If you are interested in skiing with Wim either of those days, contact me.

I hope everyone had a fun and safe weekend is looking forward to another one just around the corner. Don’t let summer sail all the way by without being a part of the fun in dear ol’ Bumpass. Days are filling up and I will be doing a lot of traveling for tournaments in the coming month. Just looking at my calendar I can see the time
getting ready to race.

I think I am finally out of words for tonight. I believe it’s time to
sleep like a log and get ready for my first skiers at 9am tomorrow!
Thanks to all of you for making this summer as wonderful as it has
been so far and I look forward to a lot more fun yet to come!

Peace, Love & Waterskiing,


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